The Council

From May 2023

Mrs. Barbara Clancy


Register of interests

Mr Charles Beardmore

Register of interests

Jennifer Starr

Register of interests

Mr. Robert Walls

Register of interests

Mr. Ivan Wimshurst

Register of interests

Julian David Scott

Register of interests

Mr Nigel Tonks

Register of interests

Councillors Representatives

Parish Councils Association Representative
Councillor Mrs. Barbara Clancy

Village Hall Committee Representative
Councillor Mrs Barbara Clancy

Your Borough Councillors

Councillor Mrs. Frances Beatty MBE, JP, ARAgs
Willoughby, 1 Newbolt Walk,
St. George's Parkway,
Stafford ST16 3WY
Telephone: 01785 240667

Councillor Mrs Karine Aspin

Telephone: 07498 325 374

John Francis

Your County Councillor

Councillor Mr. John Francis
200/2 Main Road
MilfordStafford, ST17 0UN
Telephone: 07800 881957
Mobile: 07800884603
Bus. email: