News and Information on Current Issues

Speedwatch Meeting - 4th July 7pm

Michelle Shaker, Speedwatch Co-ordinator will be attending the Village Hall on Wednesday 4th July to give a presentation to residents organised by the Parish Council.

Many residents have reported speed issues in Salt and the surrounding areas and speedwatch groups are one way to tackle this.

If you can spare 1 hour a month to help with the group then this can make a huge difference. 

Please come along and find out what differences speedwatch is making in many other communities in Staffordshire. 

Civic Amenity Visits 2018

The Refuse Freighter will be parked at Salt Village Hall Car Park on the following dates:
Saturdays 19th May and 13th October
This service is provided by Stafford Borough Council and paid for by the Parish Council for residents to use.

Libraries Consultation

Staffordshire County Council are consulting on changes (and reductions to the libraries service)
This closes on 1st April 2018
To find out more information and comment please visit:


HS2 is currently passing through Parliament - for updates please visit:

Damage to Hedgerows - residents please be vigilent

At the March 2018 Parish Council meeting it was reported that in early January 2018 a significant amount of damage had been caused by the illegal removal of 30m of hedgerow and several trees on Sandon Bank. this was done one Sunday and is being treated as a criminal matter. Anyone who witnessed this is urged to phone the police with information.
Residents are asked to question any activity they see of this nature - if in doubt please contact the police as this has caused significant damage to an area of the countryside and will cost the local landowner significant amounts to resolve.