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 Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner and County Council Elections
Thursday 2 May 2024

Notice of Election in full is on the Village Notice Board.





The Parish Council have been in extensive dialogue with SCC Highways re the above and, via them, we have had a response from Traffic and Network. They advise the following

These works are split into 2 different phases. Initially, there will be 2 way signals going out from 5th Feb until 17th April where the closure will then be implemented until 17th May.
We have requested further signage as per the below such as “Access to frontages only” which we hope will deter anyone from using Salt as a rat run. As we have mentioned before, unfortunately we have very little powers to prevent any vehicles from using a different route to that which we suggest. The route that we publish is very much a suggested route only and vehicles can choose to use a different route, providing there are no restrictions preventing this such as weight restriction for heavy vehicles. However, we are hoping that the signage will go some way to help the situation.
We do advise members of the public to contact the police should there be any evidence of dangerous driving etc as they will have enforcement powers with this being a moving traffic offence.



Civic Amenity Skip Visits 2024 

The Civic Amenity visits for 2024 have now been allocated and requests from individual Parish Councils have been accommodated as far as is possible.

In all cases a refuse collection vehicle will be parked at the site(s) referred to below at the times stated on Saturday mornings.

Therefore the 2024 arrangements relating to our Parish are as follows: -

Site: Village Hall Car Park, Salt

Dates: 23 March, 6 July

Times: 10.30-12.30

Site: Hollybush Inn Car Park, Salt

Dates: 26 October

Times: 10.30-12.30

Please be aware that, due to a change in legislation as in 2023, we do not accept sofas or armchairs at the Civic Amenity Visits. This is due to legislation around Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) which are found in soft furnishings, these items cannot be crushed (as they would be in the collection vehicle) and need to be collected separately either by arrangement with Stafford Borough Council or taken to designated containers at the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Stafford and Stone. This information will appear on the posters we send out to you and there will also be an advisory sign put out on collection days. We would appreciate it if you could also communicate this information to your residents in advance to prevent them making a wasted journey.

 Stafford Borough Council have taken the opportunity to relaunch this service in a more sustainable and controlled manner.

  • Civic Amenity Printable Poster



How to report Fly Tipping

Environmental Crime Enforcement

Includes: dog fouling, fly tipping, graffiti, dropping litter, abandoned vehicles, fly posting and vandalism.

You can also email at or call on 01785 619000. 





Chargeable Garden Waste 

Residents will need to sign up if they want to continue receiving our brown bin garden waste collection service from January 1.

You may be aware that around 65% of local authorities across the country already charge their residents for this. Collecting garden waste is not a statutory service – and last year we announced that unfortunately we would have to introduce a £36 annual charge for those households who wanted to continue with the brown bin service.

Our council has been commended for the way it has managed its finances. But there is no escaping the very real financial pressures that local authorities are facing – and this has now been amplified as we respond to, and recover from, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The money raised from the collection of garden waste will help with these budgetary pressures and therefore protect other essential services to our residents.

We will be sending all residents information directly about this change but please can you also circulate this website address within your parish along with the attached poster.

Brown Bin Poster 

Thank you for your assistance with this

Yours sincerely




Head of Operations

Stafford Borough Council


Civic Centre





ST16 3AQ

01785 619411









 The Village Phonebox has been purchased by the Parish Council for £1 and works have been carried out to turn this into a village book lending library with the potential to add CD's and jigsaws (space dependent). 







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